Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do you create your circumstances, or do your circumstances create you?

Funny how the different phases in life follow each other. It makes me think always when I read somewhere, that life is like this or like that. Really? Because I feel more like that, that life is sometimes like this and sometimes like that. I could not name one golden rule which will work in all situations and will help to keep my inner peace and faith in myself. If someone knows it, please let me know and I promise, I will try!

But, seriously. May be also you had the same discovery already at some point of your lives. Sometimes there are days, weeks or even months that everything goes smoothly. You almost believe that you deserve it, and it is because you are so good. And the other people who are not so lucky, well, they are for sure not doing everything in order to "change their lives".
Then life laughs at you, or your arrogance, and the lesson starts. Things slow down, there is still success, but in much more smaller scale. Bad things start to happen, things you hoped to succeed fail, you start to loose faith. May be at the end you even start to get desperate.

When this happens to me, I always get very scared. For me psychological stress turns very fast into physical. I have the pressure in the chest, which I try to solve with breathing exercises..One friend told me a good hint how to do breathing exercises even easier. You do not have to watch your breathing at all, just exhale, and when you do so, you will have to inhale automatically anyways.
So I do the breathing, and I feel better. I talk with some of my friends, they tell me about some possible solutions. I get calmer, I start to see the small good things. And the circle starts again..But sometimes when I am lucky and I am in that kind of shape, I have enough power to think outside of this circle. To think more that may be I should not only find a solution for the current problem, or wait until the hard times are over. May be I could think more outside the box and use these hard times to make some gradual changes.

May be if there is a god watching us, or whatever leading force in life, these difficulties are like if we would stand somewhere looking in the wrong direction, and someone would like to try to shake our shoulder and shout at us, after we did not listen him trying to tell us in a silent voice that "Noooo you idiot, turn your head, and look the other way, because there is what you are looking for!!!"- =find an other solution what you were not even thinking of, because you always used your current situation as a starting point, not yourself and your abilities-

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