Monday, December 11, 2017

SUOMI 100/ FINLAND 100 My Collection of Moments

© 2007-2017 Monika Csapo

As I sorted these photos it came clear to me: you can land at the same truth through so many different roads. Therefore this is not an absolute collection. It is something what contains many precious moments to me but it is also one (but also honest and true) version of many versions which could be told.

I start to realize that when you are telling a story everything does not come down to the individual particles. It is much more about capturing the overall feel- that is why I used the metaphore of roads above.

The skating photos were not taken in Finland but in Denmark, Copenhagen. But since my connection to Copenhagen came also through Finland and my friends I decided to put these photos there because they were also part of a photo essay published by me called Nordic Space and Freedom.

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