Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snaps of a mystical foggy morning

Tomorrow I am heading to Israel and before the trip I sorted the last unsorted series of photos from December which were the photos I took on Suomenlinna. I took them at a very nice and mystical foggy morning when I was waiting for the ferry and had luckily my camera with me. I did not notice anything special as I was walking down to the harbor but once I was at the shore I could see fog clouds approaching the island from the direction of Helsinki on the other shore. At the end there was so much fog that you could hardly see anything.

The steam what you can see over the sea surface is called "sea fog" (or "coastal fog") and occurs when warm air is moving over the cold sea surface.

I have been walking about possibly taking more videos in the future. This video is a short 5x5 teaser of the videos I took with mobile on the same island where I saw this beautiful foggy scenery. This short clip was made with Windows Movie Maker and the background music is from Free Music Archive:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Photos from a day trip in autumn

If you like to take photos the feeling is probably known to you: you take your camera with you from time to time, take photos, check them on the LCD. You are quite happy with the results and are already organizing the photos in your mind. Then you go home, there is an email to answer, then the latest episode of the series you are watching is out, you read something what distracts your thoughts totally..And the result is that the most you do is to copy photos from the camera to your computer and they are just there untouched for weeks or months..These are some photos from the autumn and there are three more other folders of photos taken in Helsinki during autumn and in December. It seems so that the new year is starting with some real catching up with delayed projects. I hope that all of you will have a great 2017