Saturday, October 13, 2018

CITY GUIDE: Berlin walking tour from Hauptbahnhof to Alexanderplatz


I realized some weeks ago during my visit to Berlin that the sights I have visited earlier mostly by using public transport are actually within a walking distance from each other if you follow the right order.

This walk from Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) through Berlin Mitte to Alexanderplatz allows you to see a lot from the city also when yo have only couple of hours to spend here. If you are very interested in seeing the museums on Museuminsel I suggest you to buy your ticket earlier because lines can be quite long so you can save time by skippig them.

The starting point of this walking tour is Hauptbahnhof, the central railway station of Berlin. You cross the bridge behind railway station and after little walking you are at Reichstag, the buildings of parliament. I you like modern architecture you will like this area too. It is quite photogenic with the mixture of water elements and modern buildings.

After walking couple of hundred meters you will get to Brandenburger Tor which is one of the best-known landmarks of Germany. Unter den Linden, the renowned boulevard of linden trees starts right here. During Christmas- and end of year period the linden trees are decorated with beautiful lights, if you can, it is worth visiting Berlin Mitte at that point of the year.

At the end of Unter den Linden you will find Museuminsel where among all Neues Museum and Pergamom Museum are located with their outstanding collections of ancient Middle Eastern and Egyptian art. But before this it is worth to mention that you will also pass by the famous Humboldt University where you can walk in to freely and even have a coffee or lunch at the uni canteen. During the time of my visit there was an Erasmus- studies photo exhibition of photo memories of Humboldt University-students from the tims of their Erasmus studies all around Europe.

A the other side of the road, opposite Museum Insel is Berliner Dom. After visiting this landmark you can cross the bridge and if you are tired of sightseeing and like art, design and philosophy books make a break at Buchhandlung Walter Khönig (- an der Museuminsel, Burgstrasse 27., 10178 Berlin). This bookstore has  agreat selection of photo albums, philosophical works, they have also sales frequently. It is a nice place to refresh your mind a bit and get new impulses.

After taking a break you can continue walking towards Alexanderplatz and you will see the famous Fernsehturm (TV Tower) already from distance behind the trees. If you would like to shop a bit Alexa shopping center is located here. Which also has a Sosterne Grene shop in it - I can not retrain myself from not recommending this cool Danish home decor shop and spread some Scandi-vibes.

Hakescher Markt and Hakescher Höfe is one tram stop away and from here on you can continue by metro or S-Bahn if you have more time and visit other sights around the city like Gedächtniskirche, Checkpoint Charlie, the district of Kreuzberg or Berlin Wall Museum and East Side Gallery.

Walking tour main stops: Hauptbahnhof- Reichstag- Brandenburger Tor- Unter den Linden- Humboldt University - Museuminsel- Berliner Dom- Alexanderplatz

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Travel memories: Fernsehturm Berlin


Whenever I am in Berlin I rejoice when I see the Fernsehturm appearing from behind the buildings and the trees. From many sights this is the one what means Berlin the most to me. I saw this photo postcard at a souvenir shop and II instantl felt that I have to buy it because it will make me happy every time I look at it, recalling so many nice memories.

For example when I got accidentally in the New Year's Eve news in Germany passing by a TV crew at Brandenburger Tor.  And my uncle called my Dad if it can be possible that he saw me on German TV 😆.

One of my teachers at the uni told us once that we should never buy something we are hesitant to buy already when being at the shop. But we should always buy the items we are instantly drawn to (and can afford hehe) because they will be surely our favorite pieces for a long time. So this photo will be a permanent part of my environment from now on together with the other nice little travel memories I collected while being on the move.