Friday, November 24, 2017

100 days of honesty Day 19: Elements

Thinking about the ocean in Mosteiros today. It is amazing how much power is in those waves.

I have been listening to London Grammar's latest album a lot today and yesterday. There are several tracks I like a lot from this album like Wild Eyed, Closing, Leave The War With Me,Non Believer or Oh Woman.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

#100 days of honesty Day 18: Flow

Yesterday I was taking selfies while floating around in the water alone in Terra Nostra Garden and a guy  just walked in to scene..Awkward 😁. This all like that that I do not take selfies that often at all and if I do I never publish them anywhere.

I feel really good here. Everyone is so kind but they also talk honestly about their concerns about the future of the island and the possible effects of a mass-tourism. I wish that everything would stay here as it is now. People appreciate nature and are aware of the value of the natural treasures they have here. I find it to be a similarity with Finnish values for example.

I could stay here for an other week there are still so many things to see. May be I come back an other time if it can be possible. Days are full of experiences here and every day by the evening  I am positively exhausted from all I had to process during the day. I know that life is not only about the good things but since I have had also hard times and took big risks I allow myself to be happy now without feeling guilty about it.