Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Organic Thoughts 1

Monika Csapo- All Rights Reserved
It took some time to translate the original Hungarian text, huh. But now it is ready and I left the "My thoughts" section as last to write. I wrote only one sentence at the beginning before I started the translation: All lives are equally interesting. For long time, I admit, I had this Dostoevsky-an view of people and life that there is more interesting and less interesting lives, and everyday and special people. I can not remember exactly when this turned in me to the contrary, but after a while as I got to know more and more people, I had to realize that also they have their own life stories with their own tragedies, good and bad memories, fears and wishes. What makes the difference then? Good question.. May be that that a really genuine person in my opinion is the one who dares to grow up and to change. Who dares to draw a line when he arrives at the end of a life phase and is not sad to leave the past behind and not afraid to answer the questions of family and friends and introduce his new himself to his environment and to himself. This is one thought which came to my mind through Evi`s story. 

The other was what I concluded to myself couple of months ago: we are our actions and if we want to be a new/other person we just can not simply do it without starting to act different. Thinking and story telling about how we want to be, or are going to be is just not enough.

About the less philosophical aspect: in my childhood my life was split during the holidays between Budapest, a 2 million people metropolis and Szany, the village where my Mum comes from. 

I experienced the traditions of the countryside Hungary and it was natural to me. I did not know that I live the tradition now and when the people die the tradition will die with them too. The habits and form of life we had there during the Easter and summer breaks seemed as something eternal. I thought that this way of living is something existing "from itself", I did not see it as connected to the people. We had gardens at the houses of the family members, ate the fruit from there. There was always enough fruits on the trees, chickens were laying eggs, during the whole summer we had the vegetables from the garden continuously. My uncle had pigs and the fridge was always full of meat. When we wanted to eat chicken, we just finished one from the yard. I had my books with me, sometimes I watched TV, went for a bike ride, played chess. I was never bored there. 

But I felt good also in Budapest. We went to the Margaret Island, to the Zoo, the Amusement park, to museums, Opera. We bought nice clothes and were traveling by tram and metro. My grandparents had a swing bed and I always had a nice afternoon nap in that after lunch. They also had a small home grape yard and a nut tree in the backyard and a vegetable garden in the front yard. 

I am sure I am not the only one whose life has been shaped by many different influences. This can be one reason why people choose organic farming as a lifestyle/job and why organic farms are so different, because they reflect the personality and the life philosophy of their owner. When we speak about organic farming I always feel a necessary duality there. It is about farming which is an "ancient" human activity, but the consciousness and the knowledge of modern societies is added to it mixed with some ideological background.

 I was thinking that if I would have my own farm how it would look like. I would use modern technology for sure, would have internet there and would try to keep a for profit organization. I would definitely try to keep a more logical and less ideological functioning within the sustainable limits. I would probably establish a touristic site on the farm and I would open a small farm-shop too. I would possibly have my own web page and people could order via internet. I could have sheep, goats, chicken, a small Vietnamese pig, maybe some bunnies. 
It is actually a quite funny mind game to imagine all of these...
Getting back to the reality I decided to read some of the main works of the field, because I am interested how rational works they are and I will try to find some books about the management and business functioning of organic farms.


  1. Nagyon érdekes amiket írsz!Igen,a biogazdaságok...Remény van arra,hogy egyre nagyobb rájuk az igény és ez jó.
    Köszönöm a fotóblogomon hagyott mondataidat!Ott válaszoltam.

  2. Örülök, hogy tetszett. Ad hoc jött a téma, mivel a barátnőm, akiről írtam eldöntötte, hogy 1 évre elmegy önkéntesnek biogazdaságokra, és remélhetőleg a végén elkezdi a saját farmját, vagy valami hasonlót.

    A biológiát mindig is nagyon szerettem, az állatokat, és a növényeket, ezért döntöttem úgy, hogy ha szeretné, és beleegyezik Évi, akkor egy éven át készítjük vele havonta ezeket az interjúkat. Én pedig minden interjú után írok egy Saját gondolatok részt az alapján, ami eszembe jut a beszélgetés kapcsán.

    Láttam a válaszod. Nem semmi, hogy mindenféle objektív nélkül ilyen makrofotókat készítesz!