Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photos from the bus: Finnish countryside (Helsinki-Turku)

by monika csapo

I love the Finnish countryside. When I came to Finland, I lived one year in Kuopio. I had a bike, and I was driving many times a week to the nearby forest to take photos. Before Kuopio I lived in Budapest, and you really feel the change after a 2 million metropolis.

It is hard to describe with words what I feel every time I am in the countryside in Finland. Sure, all memories get mixed up, the Erasmus, my childhood in the countryside-Hungary, the connection I always had to nature..
But no matter how many times I have seen it already: the lakes, the forests, the rock walls, I never get bored watching it from the bus or from the car. The clouds, the sunsets, the water, the green in summer, the white in winter. To come out from a sauna in autumn, and watch how the steam flies in the air around your body. Jump to the cold lake, try to swim there couple of seconds..Enjoying the silence while being totally alone in a forest when an autumn rain catches you..

I feel so much connected to all these things and places. I feel so that this is where my roots are. That I can always return to nature when I had enough of everything. It is a love everlasting.

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