Friday, November 9, 2012


Now in Budapest, in the last 14 days I have been to Helsinki, Hanko, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Vienna, Győr, Budapest. Packed my luggage 4 times. Traveled by train, plane, car, train, metro. I do not know how many km-s I actually traveled like this. I know one thing for sure, travelling is great, but sometimes if you are not fast enough your soul is just always behind you sometimes stuck in an other country where you left from and arrives only days after you have been there. It is hard to find a fix point even in yourself, when everything always changes in and outside you from time to time through the different environments, languages, cultures. If you feel in two countries at home. In one there is your family and your best friends, in other your chosen second home ad people who you share that identity with. I know one thing for sure, even my life is emotionally f*cked up sometimes because all these quick changes and uncertainties,if I would die today I can say it without being arrogant that during 27 years I lived a life what maybe 5 other "normal" people live during this time in their lives. I believe that there is some universal energy/power/god whatever we call it that when we get very exhausted on the road new people come to make our soul vivid again. And I think that it is beautiful in life that after each exhausting, bad, tiring period something nice happens, which gives reason for us to be thankful for.

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