Saturday, November 10, 2012

True to yourself

Today I finally told to my Mum that I got the tattoo..She is a bit conservative person (much more conservative than me for sure), and I have been thinking about it a lot lately how to tell it to her. Then now in the train the sentences popped up in my mind: "Mum, I have had a tattoo since September, if you want I can show it, but anyways I just wanted to let you know." Well, her reaction was quite as I expected...And she did not want to see it haha, but at least she did not make any scene either.

This was the last thing ever in my life what I kept secret for so long, even though I did not feel "guilty" about it at all, in spite I really love my tattoo and I am proud of it, because it looks very nice. It was a bad feeling, because it is a very contradictory state to believe in something, and have to hide it at the same time. For now I really think so that if someone loves me should accept me as I am, and respect my decisions. Especially if I do not hurt any other people through them. This was the really last time in my life that I did not stand 100% to something what I believed in, what was my choice. From now on I promise to myself that I am never going to apologize for anything I like and which is my choice, not for the clothing style, not for my way of talking or thinking, my beliefs, my values, my lifestyle, my friends, my bad habits....I can encourage anyone to do the same, because if we live always according to the expectations of our environment, we do not live a life of our own, just play according to a script what others engrave in our hearts and mind.

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