Thursday, June 29, 2017

Travel trips for Spain`s Madrid region: an afternoon in Chinhcón


Chinchón is a hidden gem close to Madrid. From a daily budget of 20 euros per person you can take the bus here, have a great three course lunch, walk around and enjoy the beautiful Castilian panorama. It is a surprise to me as well why this post is the first one after a somewhat longer silence (which was caused by technical problems= laptop in repair). I think this place grew so close to my heart because after the buzz of Madrid and especially Toledo I could be in peace here and saw so much beauty what I would have not expected. If you appreciate originality and silent, peaceful places just as I do I am sure you will love this place just as much as I did.

Now that my laptop is back this post is the starting piece of a longer chain of travel writings. I will write in more detail also about Chinchón later and tell how to get to here from Madrid etc.

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