Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lakes, forest, fog and a hidden rabbit


#tbs Kuopio  This is a continuation of the previous post showing the nice atmosphere of Finnish autumn. On one of the photos you can even recognize a rabbit if you watch carefully.


  1. It looks like a cat though, I was looking for a white rabbit.

    1. :) I saw a white rabbit only once on the streets of Helsinki walking home at 2 am..These wild rabbits are usually bigger and not so cute looking as pet rabbits. I was still surprised when I saw it because it was in a residential area just in the garden of a house.

    2. You are right, white rabbit are cuter. :) We have white rabbit and greyish blue rabbit but for me they are both cute and adorable most especially when they are eating carrots. ^_^

      You are lucky you saw a wild rabbit but I'm thinking it is a tamed one because it's in a residential are. :)

    3. Yes, this is even more complicated as it seems. Since there are wild rabbits, pet rabbits and there are wild rabbits which have also pet rabbit predecessors (but still behave as wild rabbits and are not tamed). Abandoned pet rabbits mixed with wild rabbits in nature and this is how this third new species came into existence. In Helsinki the name of these rabbits is "citykanit" and there are quite many of them.
      The rabbit on the photo was not tamed for sure based on its behavior and looks. If something then I would say it was one of these mixed rabbits. It is not so uncommon that rabbits go into residential areas in Finland since residential areas and forests/fields are so close to each other even within cities.

    4. That's great. Thank you Monika for educating me. Now, I learned new thing, It never came to my senses that there are third species of rabbit. I learned so much from you.Cheers, Daisy from Qatar

    5. Hi Daisy! Greetings to Quatar, I am glad we got in touch through the blog. I have never been to Quata yet, I am sure you could tell also a lot about your place. Have a great day! Cheers, Monika