Monday, July 3, 2017

Atocha train station, Madrid


Whether you are planning to visit Toledo, go to Segovia or make a day trip to Chinhcón Atocha train station is the place where you will most probably start your trip at. Several metro and train lines are crossing here, inside the train station you find shops and cafes. It is a perfect place to grab a quick coffee and something to eat for breakfast.

At one side of the station you find a palm house-like inside botanical garden with alleys and a small lake full of turtles. At the time of our visit there was even a drawing class by the lake eagerly trying to depict the turtles.

There is an overall good flow at the railway station with clean spaces and helpful staff. It can be said about Madrid that people don`t talk that much English but still it is possible to communicate and get info somehow. If not the other way then by using basic tourist Spanish or google translate. Trains are running frequently to main tourist destinations. Even in case of missing your planned departure  because of long lines at the ticket office you can catch the next train in about an hour and walk around at the train station meanwhile.

Since 11-M ( 2004 Madrid train bombings) there have been new security measures at railway stations all around Spain. Before boarding your train you will go through security checks similar to the ones at airports. If you plan to visit a smaller town or a village like Chinchón train is not an option, you have to take a bus to get there. At the tourist information office of Atocha you can get printed timetables of distance buses and they provide you with information about how to get to the distance bus station from there.

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