Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sao Paulo throwback and saying hello to 2016


Hello 2016!  As all the other years also this one started a bit slowly. May be even slower..I had a very inspiration-full start of the year. I found a lot of creative people through Instagram and the Facebook-pages I have been following and what I have read and seen introduced me new possibilities and offered a lot to think about.

One new topic I got interested at is podcasts and filming. If any of you has already experience how to start to learn these things feel free to share it in the Comments-section of the blog. Besides thinking about new things I took time and went through my old photos, sometimes it was nice and sometimes a bit painful, and thought about what I want to express and if it gets through to people. This is how I found these photos from my trip to Brazil. They are not strictly touristic photos but they evoke nice memories in me,

After collecting the areas where I want and have to improve I also embraced the positive feedback and support I got from people last year.

One friend said that she has been looking at my Denmark-pics already couple of times since summer and she always feels through the photos as if she would be there herself personally in Denmark. An other friend said that she felt so beautiful during the photo shoot and after seeing the photos I took of her. A coworker of mine encouraged me to keep on blogging also this year and told me that she likes the nature photos on the blog.

It feels good when others encourage you in what you like doing. It is also nice to know that you can give back something through it to others and it is not just a crazy maniac egotrip. I hope also this year will be full of inspiration and improvement for all of us.


  1. A very positive post...
    Have a nice weekend...
    A very happy new year...

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year to you as well!