Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vienna, the diverse city


This weekend I decided to explore the city parts Spittelberg, Graben and Kohlmarkt of Vienna. I bought a daily ticket (6.2 EUR) because I wanted to move around flexibly in the city and headed to my first stop which was Spittelberg.

Right behind the first corner I found a squatted house. It was a real postive surprise because so far I have seen mostly only the elegant side of Vienna. Later on during the day I discovered also Neubaugasse by accident which was an other positive surprise in the artistic- edgy-world-open aspect. That part reminded me even a bit of certain parts of Norrebro in Copenhagen. This day made me clear that Vienna is an interesting metropolis with its own unique style and not only the -a bit sometimes boring- catalogue city of the monarchial past.

After passing by this house, turning to right and walking a bit I saw a floral wall painting at a shop and a nice bright square with these pastelle colored houses. I have to say here that although Vienna has a modern and sometimes edgy side it is still not New York for example. Mostly you will see classical buildings here or modern buildings with an elegant touch. What is really positive is that the modern-edgy elements give a modern feel to certain city parts and can still co-exist in harmony with the houses which have a classical style.

To be continued..

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