Thursday, May 1, 2014

It has not been like this for a long time, but now  I really do not wait for anything. Now it is good, and tomorrow is so blurry. Friends have been moving away from Helsinki, also other changes have been around me, and now I can really feel that it is only the present moment what we have. In a way it is good, because everything slowed down a  bit.

When we are good in getting across our will, the whole world is like a big theatre play narrated by us. It is sometimes good to let things go their own way, watch what their true nature is.

For me this silence was helping for example to realize that I am much happier if not everything is about me all the time. When I can be there for my friends, my family or other people. Listen, not just tell. I guess, the silence holds a difference message for all of us.

I recommend two books for reading: Wind, Sand and Stars and Laterna magica.

The album of the week was MØ: No Mythologies To Follow.

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