Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hanko still rocks

Yesterday in Hanko it was super beautiful and re-charing, and deliberating and simply something making me feel so happy. Look at the office I had:

It was simply the best.

I was walking barefoot in the sand taking pictures, I went where I wanted, then when I wanted. Then I stopped for a while at some bench to listen to the waves and the seagulls. I even called my Dad, my Mom and my brother to share the beauty for some minutes through a Skype video call.

On the way back I was thinking that when someone would like to really like to get to know me,  I would send the person to that spot to the seaside where I was sitting yesterday. To make the person sit on the bench and listen to the sea. It would tell more about me than thousand words.

An other thought was that happiness can be reached through so many alternative routes, and it would be good if it would be told more often to people that since we are so different, we should and can find our  own way of happiness.

I am still under the effect of yesterday`s experience, so I did not hurry up with processing the photos now. I will process them in the upcoming days and until then go for jogs to Meilahti to the sea (An other great spot I discovered lately. It is a bay here in Helsinki which is an excellent running place).

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