Saturday, May 3, 2014

A day trip to Hanko

Sometimes I have these random ideas that I have to go "somewhere". If I am in Hungary, it is usually the village where is the lake. I grab my bike and I just start to go. In Finland Hanko is a place like this to me.

I discovered Hanko in 2012 autumn accidentally when I wanted to make the language exam for the citizenship, but since I decided too late there were no places left in Helsinki any more. I made a list of all of the possible places, and asked my friends how those places are. Since one recommended Hanko to me, I decided for it.

It was a good random choice. I encourage all of you to make random choices!haha

In 2012 October it was already early winter, and when I arrived the snow was falling heavily. The sunrise on the day of my language exam was very beautiful over the sea, and the frozen sand and the snow-covered seaside was very beautiful in its cold and mystical way.

This time in 2014 April I could see the summerish Hanko, and also like this I got what I came for: peace, nature and positive energies.

Below you find my travel summary with some travel tips, and the photos I took last weekend.

My favourite seaside in front of Hotel Regatta

You get to Hanko from Helsinki by train. The trip takes approximately two hours, and you have to change trains in Karjaa. The ticket costs about forty euros there and back. The trains go frequently also at the weekend, and the train station in Hanko is close to the sea.

When you arrive in Hanko, you see a bridge next to the railway station. You should walk over the bridge and turn left in the second street where is an antique shop on the corner. I am not really sure if it is the second, or the third street, but it is a street where are many pizzerias, a hotel and at the end you arrive at a square where is a playground. You will also see the sea and a monument at the end, and the Hanko-church and the lighthouse on your left.

The seaside by the monument is one of my favourite spots. You can see it on the first photo above.

When you spent some time by the sea, you can start to walk along Appelgrenintie where you will see many wooden villas. If you like architecture, you will enjoy this walk, because the villas have a typical and unique architectural style.

Later you will see on the right side of the street a traditional looking green wooden house with the script "café" on it, and some tennis courts next to it. If you walk by the tennis courts, you will find a road in the pine forest. At the end of the road is my place by the sea.

It is a somewhat hidden sand beach surrounded by the forest and some rocks. In front of the beach you can see the islands of the archipelago. It is a place where you find peace, and silence. You can listen to the seagulls, and to the sound of the waves, sit around, and enjoy nature at its best.

I discovered this time something interesting what I did not see before. I took a random walk along Appelgrenintie, and I found the Russian Orthodox church of Hanko. It is a small, but impressive building with its blue onion domes with the golden crosses and its white walls. Unfortunately I could not go in, because it is only open at church service times, but I am sure it looks also nice from the inside.
This is how it was from the outside:

By the end of the day I was quite exhausted, but also happy and full of good energies. I went to a kebab place close to the railway station. I was a bit hesitant, you never know with unknown kebab places how they will turn out..But this one was really good. Then I got to the railway station very much in time, which is quite atypical for me, and took some photos of the lighthouse in the sunset for my friend who likes lighthouses a lot.

Going to places like Hanko is good, because it helps one to re-connect with himself and the world. Also, it is funny to think that as much as this place means to me now, some years ago I did not even know about the existence of it. Somehow the more honest I became with myself, life brought me more and more the places and people who fit me better. The journey is long, probably never ending, but arriving at a place like this is like going home every time. I think it would be good, if everyone would find places like this. Life changes all the time around us, it is good to have something constant, something which represents the pure positive in our lives.

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