Friday, October 18, 2013

Cambodia mind wave

I saw a program today where a Finnish TV-journalist said that he saw in Cambodia that the parents are selling 6 years old (!!!!) virgin girls for brothels in the rural areas. After 2 weeks of "usage" their price drops to 2 USD/session. They are never getting out of the circle, because they have the "accommodation" and food accounted as debt, the cost of future abortions etc. 

When I hear something like this, I get always so frustrated and angry. It is such a privilege to be born in a Western country..
Sometimes our argument why not to help people in less rich countries is that everyone should help where he or she is, because there are enough problems also "at home".

I don`t think so. It is already a big advantage to be born in a more rich country with better social system where people have more chance for a normal life. But some systems are so f-cked up that even if you are normal and want to lead a normal life, it takes much bigger effort to do it than in a Western country. Not to speak about those children who are born to poor families living in slums or poor rural areas. They do not have the same chance as someone born in a middle class family in Finland, Hungary or Germany for sure..

If we are educated and have money, we can not change the world, but with our money sometimes we can change the life of certain individuals through mostly civil initiatives in those countries. Through supporting people who want to build schools, networks for micro-loans for family-entrepreneurs, non-profit initiatives for informing people about proper sexual protection etc. I believe, that if we want, we find a way. And if we can, we should.

Diary of an Escaped Sex Slave: Child Prostitution in Cambodia

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