Thursday, July 3, 2014

Short travel updates

Yesterday the flight was very tiring, but also funny things were happening. For example I "met" a stranger on the Helsinki-Munich plane again who I have seen already once, and we recognized each other. I guess it is a sign for taveling a bit when you start to notice strangers on planes..

Then there was a Finnish woman sitting next to me on the plane , and when we started to talk about connecting flights it turned out that she was on her way to FLORENCE to start her summer holidays which is my favorite Italian city. Well well, all roads lead to Rome khm, to Florence.

I quickly recommended her  CaffĂ© Dell` Accademia and the Battistero, and hurried up to ym connecting flight.

Italian pastry at Caffé Dell`Accademia

Today I got a new haircut, and a new hair color. The first day in Hungary was very fashion-effective.
AND tomorrow I will see my godson for the first time in our lives!!!


  1. The world is so small, right? If you start bumping into 'familiar strangers' too often it means you should start travelling more outside of Europe ;)
    Enjoy your stay in Hungary! Don't change too much over there, except for the hair ;)

    1. Yes, the world (Europe) is very small indeed! I should switch to intercontinental flights may be :)? Hungary has been great so far, although very warm compared to Helsinki!!!
      No worries, you know i always stay the same ;)!