Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Typical and alternative New York plans

I have never been to New York yet, but I was thinking about it what I would visit if I would get there. For sure I would not leave out the typical sights either, but I would be also interested in some more alternative destinations.

If I would really go there I would spend two weeks with setting up my travel plan for sure, because I am interested in good eating places, designer shops, contemporary art, outdoor places etc. Once I saw some interesting new park in New York in a Lufthansa newspaper, I think the article was called "City oasis" (what a surprising title it is) or something like that. For example that place I could visit...If I would find the newspaper and if it would be really that newspaper where the article was in.

I would be more interested to see how people live in New York than to run around with a map in my hands between the Empire Stat Building and Guggenheim Museum. Of course I would visit both sights, but I would be much more interested to see some more insider places.

I am not sure why it occurred like this that there is "tourist places" and "native places" in these famous destinations...For sure, we are culturally different, but I can imagine that there might be someone like me living in New York too and I would like the places where she/he is going. Thanks god nowadays there is lots of blogs and travel books for all kind of travelers, so you can find interesting places even though it is not a typical tourist sight.

I brainstormed and googled a bit in order to set up my "What would I do in New York" list, this is the 1.0 version:

1. Peoples Revolution Office and seeing Kelly Cutrone live

2. Guggenheim Museum

3. Cycle in the Central Park

4. Drink a Long Island cocktail on Long Island

5. Visit Chinatown, Little Italy etc.

6. PS1 Art Center- contemporary art

7. Drive the L train between East Village and B-burg, cause the train is nicknamed hipster express which made me curious

8. Cathedral Church and St. John the Divine

9. Museum of the American Gangster

10. Lower East Side Tenement Museum telling stories about the lives of the immigrants arriving in the late 1800s and early 1900s

Will I ever get to NY? And if yes when? I think yes, but we will see...


  1. a few more to consider...

  2. Great thanks for the tips. All of these places seem really interesting. I checked the links and I think I would like all of those places.