Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Top 10 articles

1. Nordic feeling
-in this article I posted some photos what I took in Helsinki: a view of Helsinki from above, the Uspenski Cathedral, some building in the Senaatintori and a seagull.

2. Into the blue
-blue Christmas shopping window decoration from Stockmann. I like this mystical shade of blue a lot. Stockmann is a fancy shopping place in the city center of Helsinki. I like to go there, because of the stylish atmosphere, the well qualified stuff and even though it is looking very elegant, you can always find something nice for quite affordable price here.

3. Zen way of life
- this post and the idea to write about the topic came by "random" happenings in my life. Thanks to these I read the book "Teachings on love" by Thich Nhat Hahn, what I absolutely recommend to everyone.

4. North-Germany
- I travelled to Germany at the end of October to visit my friend and her family. I was in L√ľneburg, Ebstorf and Hamburg. It had been already 5 years that I had not been in Germany before the trip and I was missing it already quite much. One of the biggest highlight of the trip was the Hamburger Kunsthalle, where I hesitated at the beginning because of the expensive entrance fee and the lack of time, but then through some intuition I decided to go there and it was absolutely worth it.

5. TRAVEL PLAN 2: Budapest (Hungary)
- My Dad is from Budapest, so I spent half of my childhood there, then I was living for 5 years there during the university times. I like Budapest a lot, even though I see with my critical eyes the areas of improvement. Even like this I consider Budapest as one of my "hometowns" because it is definitely a city where I have lots of good memories and "my own places" and I try to spend some time here each season every year.

6. Winter wonderland
- Shop-windows in winter theme in Helsinki

7. Random routes
- some thoughts about going for safe or getting lost on purpose a bit

8. Living abroad
- I consider living abroad as one form of travelling, since normally people do not get cut off totally from their home and their culture, but learn to spend meaningful time on airports instead. I wrote this post from my own experiences and a summary of my experiences so far in this topic and about the changes in my way of thinking as I have spent more and more time of my life in this lifeform.

9. Mediterranean market feeling
- photos from the La Boqueira market hall in Barcelona

10. One night in Rome
- Rome sunset with nice looking savanna-trees and nice colors on the sky

So far writing this blog made me really happy and I would like to thank all of you who have followed, read or commented my posts. Travelling is not only a question of money, in my understanding it is more a state of mind. Getting lost in the beauty what surrounds you, being open for new impressions and the best is that the more new things you see the more clear it gets to you who you actually are or who you really want to be. I will continue also in 2012 to seek for the same in new things and new places, try to capture something beautiful, dramatic or funny and report about my findings through this blog. Tomorrow I am getting back to Helsinki and at the weekend I will do a proper sauna+sports weekend after the very healthy Christmas break.

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