Sunday, November 13, 2011

Living abroad

XXIth century..People come and go between the countries, some for this, some for that reason. Sometimes life brings you a chance, you catch the opportunity and suddenly you live in a country far away from your home and you become a "foreigner" to others around you and sometimes to yourself as well, because your head is full of new thoughts and you live outside of your "own environment".
When I look around I meet even in Finland many Hungarian people living here, not to speak about London, Germany, Austria, Amsterdam and some more "exotic" places. Who knows why people start to go a road, which is different from the "everyday" path, that you are born somewhere, you live your life there and die in the same country. Sometimes  the rush of a situation is bringing you to places and challenges, what you are not even ready to estimate beforehand. Only when you get there, then you can see what you were choosing. 
It is nice to make conclusions from a certain group of people, but it can be also boring and false what people make up by analyzing some people who live different life than they do. 
Since I live in Helsinki, I can understand the other people living as foreigners abroad a bit more, but I also feel very much connected to my roots and old friends and family in Hungary. I am thinking every year, that I will count the time spent in Hungary and in Finland to be able to compare how much of a year do I spend at home 1 and current home2. 
For some people it is easier to start to go, but whenever you choose a road and start to go it, it will be THE road for the time you go it and the more you walk on it, the more difficult it will be to go back where you started from. Actually may be it is not even possible to go back totally, every road leaves its sign in you and the crossroads disappear in the past. You can go the roads and try to keep some constant things in you whatever road you go and wherever that road leads you. Maybe this is the first most important thing what I could give as an advice from my own experience for people, who consider moving somewhere or moving back to somewhere.

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