Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Journey by Moonlight

In Hungarian "Utas és Holdvilág", which literally means "Traveler and Moonlight" is one of the best known novels of the Hungarian literature. Written by Antal Szerb it was first published in 1937. If you want to read a nice book with good story and the travel flow in it, I can absolutely recommend it. 

Here is a plot introduction:

"The novel features the romantic figure of Mihály, aloof and poetic, but struggling to break with an adolescent rebelliousness which he tries to quell under respectable bourgeois conformism, but also with the disturbing attraction of an erotic death-wish. While there is no doubt an element of (the then especially influential and risqué) Freudianism in this, as well as perhaps the sexual and emotional claustrophobia of a society with strong Catholic and martial traditions, it also has a distinct originality.
The novel follows Mihály, a Budapest native from a bourgeois family on his honeymoon in Italy, as he encounters and attempts to make sense of his past."

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