Monday, January 22, 2018

#100 days of honesty Day 78

Today I had a bit of a scary experience. I was taking photos by a creek and when I turned back there were four men crossing the bridge staring into my direction. I had my camera with the new lens on it in my hand and when we looked at each other in that moment I had this bad feeling as if time would have froze. But luckily some cars were passing by on the nearby road and they continued walking as well although one of them kept looking back. 

Later when I went to a lake to take photos I left my bike at-the mid-range of the stairs and also there I was alone so for safety I had to look back all the time- back to the bike and around/behind myself. I love to be alone in nature but I think it is also important to speak about safety if we are talking about female photographers outside alone. Without any wining here I feel so that men can move more safely with their camera in nature alone or at sunrise/after sunset on an empty beach etc. It is a bit of a pity but I accept my limitations and I don't want to challenge my luck. Also by the lake a person with not so good vibes came along and I decided to move back to my bike slowly and finish today's photo session there.

After that when I started to go home I sat down on a bench and I could witness a beautiful moonrise. I really like the moon, not just the full moon but also the crescent.

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