Saturday, January 20, 2018

#100 days of honesty Day 76 : Everyday, repeat, forget. Start again.


Hm, I checked the price of the new iPhone X just out of curiosity. Since my brother mentioned the new portrait mode on it. In Finland the price depending on the features was between one thousand and one thousand four hundred euros. I am so not gonna buy it 😆!!

In a way I like the sample photos a lot. And I see the trade off between having a phone with superb picture quality for digital publishing and not having to carry the whole camera backpack with you. But somehow if I think about all that money I find it still too much for just a phone. Knowing what all I could spend that money on I would feel guilty for spending it on only one item.
From the same amount you can buy a good and light-weight Olympus bridge camera for hiking and light traveling, couple of second hand phones with good optics, some light sources for a home studio..I dont't know..Surely there are people who do not share my opinion and it is ok for me. 

It is a bit the same when I started to take photos and I envied certain portfolios so much with those beautiful greens and cinematic looks what I just could not replicate. I listened to stories of others how hard color grading is and how many year it takes. And then when I knew a bit more about theory I realized that those greens and blues are called filters and it is not only a style but also a phone application. And that while color grading is a complicated territory especially learning the art of printing and color codes for printed photography, in the digital world certain things are done with much less work. And not knowing the tools yet does not mean that someone is a bad photographer. Especially that until you get there to realize the trick you try and try and try. And since you do not get the colors yet may be, you try to compensate with composition or searching for interesting topics and in the end all this frustration adds up of you developing yourself in other territories as well.

I always have to smile when I remember this.

There are also other stories I remember- some of them are reoccuring challenges I am working on. They get solved, then I get lazy, then I start to work on them again. And in the end I arrive at the same solution I ended up at many years ago but I forgot in the meantime.

There are just too many things happening in the meantime. May be it would be wise to write down those conclusions and hit the search button when you need some answers.

There is no need to think of philosophical depths here. My current challenge was that I wanted to know more about protein sources besides protein shakes. When I looked it up in google I had an aha-moment seeing eggs, ham (this I knew), lentils, beans, cottage cheese on the list. 

It is the same with dating, new aquintances, healthy sleeping pattern and many other things.The passive knowledge is already there but sometiems you just need to go back and carve the route of the same tought pattern a bit deeper that it becomes a part of you.

The solution is so easy but until it is not a routine you always keep on forgetting and have to start again.

PS.: And there was finally some real snow this week! I just LOVE snow so much 💓💓💓. It made me happy to wake up, look out the window and see the snow on the balcony and in the inner yard. Go winter!!

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