Thursday, January 11, 2018

#100 days of honesty Day 67 and Day 66 and 65 summary: After sauna feel


Day 67: Hygge, Lagom, Mukavuus

I feel really good now. I was in the gym this evening and went to the sauna after it. I love how sauna relaxes you. Between two turns as I was lying there in the relaxing area I was thinking about it how good is that more and more people seem to realize the value of simple things. 

My friend showed me the famous New York Times best seller book about hygge, or there was an article about the Swedish concept of lagom I saw not so long time ago. If I should translate this world to Finnish I would say may be mukavuus. All of these are a bit different but related to the ability of appreciating simple things and feeling content.

As I was biking home after gym I was thinking about it that these societies are such a good example for it that after reaching a certain level of financial wealth happiness is so much more about the way people think and perceive life. And not so much about what brand they wear or if they have the latest it-items. 

They can appreciate a nice afternoon by the lake or a walk in the forest. Or simple coffee time with friends at home drinking from their favorite mugs eating a cake or biscuits. Or a date by the sea when you just sit on a bench looking at the scenery while chatting with someone you like. 

In societies where people are forced to believe that their only power over their lives and over others is by money everyone is the slave of false needs and motivations what can never be satisfied. Therefore so many people are unbalanced and feel frustrated. People work jobs they hate just to be able to move to a bigger flat or buy a more expensive phone to be respected. While if they would respect themselves and have the ability to enjoy their lives most of them would not need half of the things they think they need. 

When you look around in your flat after organizing it, or relax after a long day in sauna, or achieve something you wanted to reach since a long time those are moments of real happiness to me. While I admit that financial stability is needed to inner peace as well I think that it goes also reverse. It is not only middle class or above high society people who can feel content and have inner peace. I read a really inspiring story about a woman working at Prezi who had a really rough life earlier. She even had to give up her children at the end which was her final motivation to decide to change her life. This sparked her to start to look for a job which she found at Prezi through a social outreach program. She started  to work there, took control over her life and now she has her children with her again, is studying English and is a well respected person at her workplace.

I believ in stories like this because the more you organize your thoughts and live a rich life inside, the more calmer you become. When you are calmer your whole thought process changes. You realize opportunities what you did not see before, you become more confident in youself. May be you start to eat better and treat your body better which again influences your well being. In the end all these small factors might end up in you starting a business or getting the job you wanted which leads to financial stability. And when you do no thave to worry about the basics any more it is your choice deciding what is important to you and tosee that you can live a really good life if you want.

Day 66: A dream came true 😂

Today I went for a walk with my friend and her dog we run into a samoyed puppy. I love samoyeds, they are my favorite dogs besdies huskies. And the puppies...are the cutest thing on Earth! They look like small white chubby fur balls . The owner allowed me to pet the puppy and it was so fluffy and soft. He did not care about me at all because he was laying with my friend's dog all the time but this encounter made me so happy.

Day 65: A slower day

It was one of those days when the day starts really slow but then everything gets done by the evening. I realized that it is so much better when I assign exact times to tasks because then they get really done. And I also use the time inbetween two tasks more effectively.

Something else I observed is that the more tired or stressed I am the more I start to leave clothes on the floor or dishes unwashed in the sink. And from all these small items there can be a huge mess in real short time. So from now on  to cut the time needed to tidy up after a day like this I will pay attention. And when I see that I start to leave things here and there I will make smaller cleaning sessions just to decrease the time needed for do a big cleaning at the end of the day. May be from this you can guess that I normally do value tidiness and organized spaces hehe. It is mostly because I like nice visuals and can also concentrate better in a nice looking, organized room.

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