Thursday, December 7, 2017

#100 days of honesty Day 34:

I like the colors of the new Google Calendar 😆. Yes, I really said this. Btw I do not get sponsored by Google- although I have mentioned their calendar already so many times. If that calendar would not exist I think I would have gone crazy already by now.

To live my calendar-perversion to the fullest I installed also a "simple calendar" app to my new phone and I bought a small pocket notebook two weeks ago to which I can write things I should really really not forget. I know it does not make tasks less if you write them down but somehow I have the feeling that if I see them visually I can also solve them easier during the day one after the other. 

So much about the very interesting topic of calendars and to do lists.

Today I did not have the peace and the ability to concentrate to finish my photo sorting so I decided to reschedule my #suomi100 post for tomorrow or may be Saturday morning. I want to have a good coffee and feel good while I am sorting those photos not squeeze something in to my already full schedule and rush through it. 

I might start to rewatch a movie I saw many years ago, it is called Sex and Lucia. I remember that it was quite weird but it also had some interesting parts and nice cinematography - and I am interested in it how I will perceive it now with my plus some years of life experience.

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