Monday, May 29, 2017

to arrive

I spent tonight at home finally sorting pictures. I have this feeling now after all the trips that I have been so long on the road that every place feels like home a bit where I met people who I liked. And I would like to go back and be at all those places again at the same time. I have flashbacks of conversations, people, lakes, buildings, mountains, faces..Regarding photography lately I had only time to empty my phone and memory card quickly and post every now and then on insta or facebook. 

I have lot of photos on my computer and what is even more important I had great experiences and had some funny realizations. For example I learned that I can actually tolerate warm weather to a certain extent quite well and that I can survive with much less online time as I have been used to before. But probably what I learned mostly from these trips was that I don`t have to choose. I like both the calmness of the Nordics and the buzz of the South. I like minimal and ancient and historical. And I like offline and online. 

I am happy to be home again and take time to sort all the photos I took on the way and tell stories through them later to myself and to others. It felt also good to be outside in the real world. To interact with people, have complex experiences and deal with things and opinions what I did not necessarily liked. It made me realize again what a valuable currency time is. And that our biggest asset is that we have the ability to live a life what brings us a bit nearer to the answers for the questions we have.

I will have one more trip this week before I can settle down a bit again but from now on I will start to publish photos and write here more often again. I hope, you all had a great spring!

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