Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Preparing for an upcoming tip to

Israel. I have always wanted to visit Israel and soon this plan of mine will probably come true. I say probably because I have my flight tickets and part of my stay booked but meanwhile I am also following the news about the current UN-meetings and I get also somewhat discouraging messages from people close to me who are afraid that the current timing is not the best. But so far I am more for the trip than against it. And honestly what is "the best time" to visit Israel?

I don`t mean it in a cinical way, don`t get me wrong. But there is always some gossip of supposed things currently happening there what people are worried about when you tell that you want to go. And meanwhile many people visit Israel and everything goes smoothly.

As a person who has been always interested in cultural antropology and local cultures I would really like to see Jerusalem which is one of the oldest cities of the world. I am also interested in seeing the local landscape which I will be able to observe while I am travelling from Eilat to Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv have been for long time on the list of places I want to see and it is very exciting to prepare for my upcoming trip for this reason.

I tried the video function on my old camera lately and I am thinking about buying a new memory card so that I would be able to take also videos this time. It will be a short "taster-trip" and I want to make the most of it. 

It will be surely interesting to see all those Biblical places, visit the different quarters, the Dome of The Rock, see how people live there..There are strong Jerusalem references in Bulgakov`s The Master and Margarita- which is one of my favorite books. I just downloaded it and started to re-read those parts parallel to preparing and organizing my program for my stay there.

So yes this is the current state of travelling plans. I am looking forward to this trip a lot. I have been a bit worried too lately, but mostly because of how others reacted. I do not have any concerns of my own yet and I am reading the forums exactly in order to get information on best practices, things to avoid and local specialties in order to make this trip enjoyable and safe.

I wil keep it honest here and I can say that if I have a feeling following the news that it is really not the best time to go I will postphone my trip. But if all seems to be ok I will surely go. As I mentioned before I started to read travel forums and blogs and have collected many useful tips by now. 

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