Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pack Your Luggage Blog Holiday Gift Guide

I have never written such a post before but my own struggle to find proper Cristmas presents for family members inspired me to share some gift ideas here. These are my favorite items I have bought during my trips or got as a present, what make the everyday prettier, nicer or more comfortable. Since I like to use these things so much I believe they could bring joy to someone else as well.

To me a good gift does not neccesairly have to be super expensive, it is more its functionality and esthetics what makes it special. If you spend a bit of time thinking and are open to special gift ideas you might find such creative solutions! I also want to state that this is not a sponsored post. I simply looked around and tried to think about which items I like to use the most or what are those purchases what made me happy in the long run. 

So here is my personal holiday gift guide:

1. KeepCup: if your beloved one loves coffe or tea this is the perfect gift for her/him. You can buy KeepCups in different colors or even design your own. Very handy for people who drink coffee while writing or editing photos because you can close the top of the cup any time you are not drinking so it will not spill on the floor or on the computer if you push the cup by accident. They have local re-sellers all around the world. You can buy the cups many times in local coffee stores for instance. 2. Some nice tableware what can be used for special occasions: you can be creative with this and mix tableware from different brands or colors. The main idea is that they should look good together and have some personal touch (match the taste of the person who gets it). To make it even more fun you can decide to use this tableware for special occasions. If you are a couple you can buy a set of two nice plates and cups what you can use from now on for your Saturday morning breakfasts. Or if you buy a set for your friend you can buy a set of 2-4 small plates and cups what can be used for special occasions together like making pancakes or drinking coffee and eating some cakes together. 3. Flight tickets for a weekend getaway: especially within Europe sometimes you can buy flight tickets at Ryanair or Wizzair for 25-60 euro there and back. This is a bit more complicated option though because you have to think also of accomodation costs. But could be still a good spontaneous idea if your beloved one likes adventure. 4. La case de cousin Paul light chains: you can buy these light chains for a price starting from 25 euro. They are absolutely worth the money because they turn every space so cosy. If your beloved one likes beautiful things and home design this will be a perfect gift. You can choose from outdoor or indoor sets. I have their "briksdal" set and I really love it, they come in a nice box which is an other plus. 5. E-book gift cards: if the person you are buying gifts for likes to read you can not make a mistake with getting an e-book voucher for him. This way he can pick books he is interested in and bring them with him even for his travels on his mobile phone or tablet.

6. New coffee machine I will shout out to a specific model now what I am using on daily basis: it is De` Longhis`s filter cofee machine which you can buy for example at Vienna Central Railway Station Spar for 44,99 euro. I really like this coffee machine because it has a nice design, has a really good price and makes good filter coffee. 7. Jewelry from COS Cos is not a cheap shop but they have really nice minimalist style jewelry what you can buy in a quite ok price range for that particular look. Their necklaces, earrings and bracelets are somewhere between 15-35 euro. They also have season sales four-five times a year. If your beloved one likes design she will probably like the jewelry you get from here. An other plus is that they wrap everything nicely. You get a textile Cos gift bag for the jewelry and a stylish Cos paper shopping bag. 8. New memory card  If your beloved one likes to take photos there is a chance that a new memory card will always be needed at some point. I have been using SanDisk memory cards lately but there are many other brands. The one what is in my camera now is Sandisk Extreme 60 MB/s 32 GB 9. Stationery products and writing supplies Two of my favorite brands for stationary products have been HAY and Paperways lately. I think everyone deserves to be surrounded by beauty because beautiful things lift the soul. And if you are working on something important or like to write down creative ideas also on paper like me than it is nice to have a special notebook for important projects. One of the most beautiful stationery products I have ever had is for example this gold and roses EDGE notebook what I bought in Copenhagen. I would not buy all my noteooks and notepads from these design brands because I am too cost-conscious for it but having one-two things from them is definately a good investment. I know that these brands have local resellers in Nordic countries for sure and if you browse the web there is a chance that you might find a reseller close to you wherever you live. 10. A good canvas grocery bag This is an eco-friendly gift choice. Many people hate to use plastic bags and if you have a nice textile shopping bag it adds again to the esthetics of everyday life. I bought mine at PINO Helsinki. 11. Small home design items: same reason for this choice as before: esthetics. Again: you can save a lot of money by getting a frequent buyer card for the brand you like and benefit from special offers and seasonal sales. Outlet stores are also a design heaven if you like designers of certain brands. Also if you spend some time looking you will find surely stores with owners who like design and also believe in offereing a product portfolio which has mostly affordable items in it. My favorite home design store like this is a shop called Mant in Copenhagen. You can browse their Facebook page and Instagram page for some inspiration.

+1: Supporting a good cause together nothing connects people more than doing good together. I think it is a great idea to pick a cause what is important to both of you and do something for it. If you have time you can even go volunteering together. It will surely be a positive experience what will stay in your memories and will connect you with your beloved one.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy prepration for the holidays!

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