Monday, November 7, 2016

Nature inspiration: Hedge apple


Finally I am catching up on organizing my photos. This is a macro shot of a fruit called hedge apple (Maclura pomifera). This tree is originally native to the United States and Ontoario. You can find records of its use among Native Americans for treatment of different diseases. It is also commonly believed to repel insects.The Comanches used this wood for their bows because it was "strong, flexible and durable".

I like the brain-like texture of the peel of this fruit. Nature can produce such interesting designs.

Before this photo I also took some snaps with the mobile but I also wanted to take photos with the camera. Sometimes it is quick and convenient to take photos with mobile but I find it crucial to use the camera as often as possible for long-term improvement and printing reasons even if the majority of the photos end up being published only online.

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