Friday, November 25, 2016


These are some book gift ideas if you have a crush on a nerd or want to impress someone with your intellectual qualities. Just kidding. I hate to write post disclaimers!! These are some good books I like for different reasons and I am going to write about them soon in an upcoming post. I have been thinking about it a lot lately that just as some people don`t travel to certain countries for political/ideological reasons, it might be the same with literature. Sometimes even a book cover might be enough to scare off people from certain books. Or that it is from Israel, or an Arabic country or Russia (or any other country). I wish that people would be more open towards art and the world in general. I am not sure if there are real American History X-like turns in real life but it would not hurt anyone for sure to be a bit more open-minded every now and then and focus only on the product of art not where it comes from. Anyways to me these books and the others I am going to write about carry a great message what I would like to share and you can read more about them here soon.

I collected some other Christmas gift ideas too. I am not sure why I did it because I have never written such a post before but now when I was writing this post and I was looking around in the kitchen I had this idea that there are so many things what surround me and what I like to use a lot and may be also other people would like to have them. They are not big things more like small but very practical ones. For exampe last Christmas I got a KeepCup mug from my brother and I really love it. Especially since I ruined once one of my computers by spilling coffee on it.. So these will be mostly practical things which have a really good price/value-ratio. It will be not a hidden sponsored post, it was simply inspired by that how much I like to use those things in the everyday.

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