Saturday, August 20, 2016

A short trip to Niedersachsen


This is a very random video on the way from Hamburg to Ebstorf just to show the landscape a bit: 

Above some impressions from my recent short trip to Germany. I was in Niedersachsen- around Lüneburg- at the wedding of a good friend of mine. I felt like being on a real business trip almost: I hopped off the plane in Hamburg. Then we drove to Lüneburg and I was there for the day of the wedding. Then I had a nice breakfast with the Mom of my friend after which we drove back to Hamburg and I jumped on the plane again. But of course the wedding and meeting people I like had a more personal touch than travelling on business.

 In and close to Niedersachsen there are many nice cities to visit within a quite short distance: Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen just to name a few. Last autumn I saw a different side of Northern Germany too when I traveled from Copenhagen to Hamburg by bus while visiting this same friend of mine. The coastal line of Northern Germany is really beautiful and during my recent stay people recommended me the island of Rügen for a photo tour. The bus ticket does not cost much so if you plan to travel around a bit in Northern Germany and Denmark it is worth to check these international buses.

An other thing I had to state again while doing a bit of landscape-seeing through the car window: the nature is really beautiful here in Niedersachsen with its pine forests and woodlands. I am not sure how much they advertise it in their tourism marketing but the locations I saw would be definitely worth the visit to take photos at.

(*I did not take my camera with me because I had only a hand luggage therefore the photos in this post are photos made by mobile phone)

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