Saturday, August 6, 2016

A perfect weekend gateway with medlar trees and lavender

The view from top of the hills. If you are interested in history you can read more here.

You can visit Pannonhalma during a day trip from Vienna or Budapest. Győr is half way between Vienna and Budapest. From here you can take a bus which will bring you straight up to the doors of the main building.

If you like nature you can walk on the marked hiking trail to the look out tower. Or walk down the stairs and go through the botanical garden to the herbal garden and lavender fields

The trees on the first photos are called medlar trees. The pretty pink bushes are called smoke brush
or smoke tree. On the following photos you can see the lavender fields by the herbal gardens. If you are interested in TripAdvisor reviews about this place you can read them here.

And now here comes that lavender:

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