Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pack Your Luggage Blog Summer Reads 2016

Hello, I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays!

The blog will go on a short inspirational break now until mid-July. I will be doing what most of you have been doing already now: swim and go to the sauna, go to the gym, read a good book, eat some summer fruits and relax.

Short breaks like this are a good chance to stop and reflect. Also to share content what you might have not seen yet. I collected posts here from the past years about cities I liked the most and you might like as well. Nice moments which I think I managed to capture through photography and other sources of inspiration.

Please feel free to browse around the blog also besides the selected posts until I am back.

Photos for broswing. My favorite photo essays from this and last year

The most memorable trips and places of the previous years

(This is a series of eight articles. You can navigate between them by
clicking on older or newer posts.)

(also the Florence articles where a chain of several articles)

Sometimes i have been also writing about books, writers or movies here. These 

G O O D  B R O W S I N G  &  S E E  U  S O O N!

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