Sunday, December 20, 2015

Saturday walk on Suomenlinna


This winter has been very strange so far because we hardly had any snow in Helsinki. On one hand it was strange on the other hand it was easier to climb around on the rocks of Suomenlinna while taking photos. Although I do not have any problem with winter either. It is just so that if there is lot of snow and ice certain routes are closed for safety reasons and sometimes it limits the number of possible photo locations-

I already wrote about it here but talking about the snow made me remember that one of the most remarkable photo session of this year was when I wanted to catch a winter sunset on Suomenlinna. I arrived with the first ferry and it was still all dark. since Hanko I love the sea by winter and the snow covered seaside was so beautiful also that time when I had this photo session. I was standing there alone waiting for the sun to rise, there were lights in the windows but no one was on the streets yet..It was really amazing.

I heard that there is an organization where artists can apply to get some scholarship to spend some time on Suomenlinna. I will definitely try to apply for this scholarship after I studied photography a bit more because this place inspires me a lot and I would like to make a photo album/photo book about Suomenlinna.

These photos are from my latest photo tour here on December 12th.

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