Saturday, November 14, 2015

Connected (to nature)


Now that the leaves have fallen the forest shows an other face again. It is not an ugly face either though. When I was walking here at the weekend I wondered why I stopped coming here last autumn and returned only in the middle of winter when there was already snow. No matter in which season we are in, the forest is always full of life. This one here is for example full of squirrels and birds. Once I have seen also a woodpecker from pretty close. During my walks or photo tours in the forest there has been always something new to see and while I am impressed by the beauty surrounding me it makes me also think of how many beautiful places there are on the Earth in general. Nature is so inspiring with all its colors and shapes. To being able to record and share these experiences has been one of the reasons why I started to take photos. I am very thankful that during the last year when I decided to start to take my photography studies more seriously I have met great people who inspired me and gave great tips about new things to learn or new territories to discover. I think every human being needs a feeling of belonging and through sharing what we like and being able to be part of a community where people value the same things what we do is an awesome feeling. I have said it also here couple of times: finding beauty and sharing it with others is also my own way of rebellion against all the bad what happens in and around us.There are many things what we unfortunately can not influence but we can always decide to try to see the good and find peace.

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