Saturday, November 7, 2015

By the sea again


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Today there was really stormy weather by the sea. There were huge waves, it was a windy and sort of grayish afternoon. I went down to the shore what I saw last week only from above. It felt good to be so close to the elements in nature but there came a moment when I realized that I am all alone there and I started to feel unsafe. Sometimes it is hard to define fear where it comes from. Usually people disturb me when I am taking photos but now I felt relieved when a man appeared on the same shore who was trying to fish in the stormy sea. Later also tourists started to come to that part of the island so the place started to fill with people which felt really good now.
When I was not taking photos I watched the waves as they were rushing to the shore, there is so much power in water. Since the wind was very strong I felt a bit cold at the end but it was a great afternoon again. I wore my windproof undershirt today so I was not freezing for a long time until the end. I have had the same Helly Hansen  undershirt for almost nine years now. I had to mention this because I am very impressed with the fact that there are clothes in this world what you use on regular basis and even after nine years they are in a wearable condition. I have to say it as a joke now that I hope also the H&M Balmain collection will be so durable if people were queuing and fighting for it for such a long time.

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