Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Silence vs self marketing

Nowadays it is a rare occasion that I write some posts to this blog- mostly because I think that in a world where everyone is shouting opinions, mostly only to get some attention or let out the steam, it is better to stay silent. Simply do what we like and keep our opinion for the people who are close to us and who we trust to share our opinion with.

There is an issue though which has been on my mind for some time now and since it is nothing too personal or political I decided to write about it here a bit.

One question what I have been thinking of is the issue of self marketing and the need for re-assurance. I have been reading really good articles in the field of photography lately and there was one which especially caught my mind. Someone who had million followers on Instagram said that she (I think it was a woman) is of course happy for the attention but she also knows that she has to identify her potential clients in the real world too. She said that she does not actually think that even a small percentage of the Instagram followers would want to buy a photo print for example. Don`t get me wrong it is not just about the money.

But I think this woman really got the point: sometimes focusing energy and attention ,can be key points in self-development. For example if you do not know how to shoot portraits using two remote flashes and you decided to learn it, it is all the same if you reproduce the 100th image made with the same technique what you learned before. You post this image on Facebook and get likes on it. Still it is not an evolution, more like a tool for self re-assurance that even though you did not learn that new thing what you wanted there is still something what you can already do at least.

Of course everyone needs support and people who believe in them. But mostly people know it deep inside if what they are doing is good or mediocre. They also feel if they should stop, take a short break and invest time in learning new things.

I think sometimes silence is good too. Not to say and not to think anything, retreat and plan what`s next in order to progress in the fields which are important for you. Not to think for others or what effect your work will have on others- just simply be and do things for the sake of doing.

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