Saturday, July 18, 2015

Copenhagen Travelogue Nr2: On the beach in Hornbaek


I heard it many times here that the real Denmark is not Copenhagen and if you want to get a bit better feel of the country and the concept of the often repeated "hygge" you should head somewhere to the countryside or to the sea. So I decided to go and check out Hornbaek which is a small seaside town in Northern Sealand.

You can get from Copenhagen to Hornbaek by train by buying a 24 h tourist ticket for 130 DKK (17.5 EUR approx.). You have to change trains in Helsingor - the city of the famous "Hamlet Castle" (Kronborg). Trains go pretty frequently and there are almost no tourists around just locals.

After you climb the dunes the idyllic atmosphere of the Danish seaside strikes you at once. It is like if you would arrive to a little hidden paradise. The white sand, the sailboats, the shells on the shore..everything is so beautiful and calm, Only the laughter of playing children breaks the silence every now and then and the rhythmical movement of the waves. Everyone is so relaxed and there is plenty of free space.

I can say honestly that it was one of the best days of my life ever. I hardly ever felt so free and happy while  taking photos there and just simply looking at the sea. This place reminded me of Hanko which is my favorite place of retreat in Finland. It made me remember a Finnish song I heard recently by accident which is about freedom and being present in general.

I guess everything what we do or want to do is an answer to our (sometimes unconscious) questions. I know that I am traveling because I try to have these experiences and capture moments like this, Sometimes it is easier to find these kind of places and sometimes it is harder. But arriving feels always the same good.

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