Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Copenhagen Travelogue Nr 3: Copenhagen Open 2015

The finals were held at an industrial area on RefshaleĂžen Island close to Amager. The surrounding buildings were premium photography material- large warehouses with great wall paintings on them.

After some walking you arrived at the area where the competition was held.

The two announcers of the CPH Open were Ryan Clements and Veirn Laird. The judges were: James Craig (USA, Former Pro), Gabe Clement (USA, Former Pro), Mathieu Tourneur (France, Amateur),
Joe Pelham (USA, Amateur), Jerem Knibbs (USA, Amateur), Rob Meronek (USA, Amateur).

The audience was mostly from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

If you are interestedyou can see the prize purse here:http://theboardr.com/events/1046/Copenhagen_Open_2015

They lit the bonfire also here which was may be not the best idea because the wind was blowing the ash to the eyes of the skaters and the audience...I actually thought that they extinguished the fire but when I was going back to the city I could see some firemen arriving.

The day ended well. I also met two Danish girls with whom we talked shortly, I can not really say more than that that I think it is worth to go and watch sports events like this because you can see the devotion of the people and the audience towards something they really like and enjoy. Plus the tricks look the best when you watch them live.

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