Saturday, January 10, 2015


This is my last post (promise, promise!!) about last year. 2015 is here and it is time to re-accelerate, to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Lately I discovered the joy of winter running, and there have been so many positive changes around me which inspire also me to be positive and believe that this year will not only be better than the last one, but it will be actually a very good year.

What I learnt last year was mainly that sometimes we do not seek the challenges for ourselves, they are just simply there and we have to go through them. Staying human in inhuman situations is very hard. It takes all your power  and the focus from other things.

I could feel sad for the last "lost" year of my life. But those expensive lessons thought valuable things as well. I kind of lost one year from working further on my goals as a photographer, but since I know that it was not a conscious choice, i am ok with it.

Now this year will be better. As a symbolic sign I picked some of my favorite photos from last year. Hopefully there will be more of these kind of photos in 2015, and also great times spent with great people and a lot of happiness meanwhile.

And here are some good quotes as a closure and a beginning to celebrate better times :)

“This is an important lesson to remember when you're having a bad day, a bad month, or a shitty year. Things will change: you won't feel this way forever. And anyway, sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones your soul needs most. I believe you can't feel real joy unless you've felt heartache. You can't have a sense of victory unless you know what it means to fail. You can't know what it's like to feel holy until you know what it's like to feel really fucking evil. And you can't be birthed again until you've died.” 
― Kelly CutroneIf You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You

“Reshaping life! People who can say that have never understood a thing about life—they have never felt its breath, its heartbeat—however much they have seen or done. They look on it as a lump of raw material that needs to be processed by them, to be ennobled by their touch. But life is never a material, a substance to be molded. If you want to know, life is the principle of self-renewal, it is constantly renewing and remaking and changing and transfiguring itself, it is infinitely beyond your or my obtuse theories about it.” 
― Boris PasternakDoctor Zhivago

“God uses broken things. It takes broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to give rain, broken grain to give bread, broken bread to give strength. It is the broken alabaster box that gives forth perfume. It is Peter, weeping bitterly, who returns to greater power than ever.” 
― Vance Havner

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