Thursday, October 23, 2014


"Lifesaver"- stands on the black bag I got today at Veripalvelu. Sure, I think, lifesavaer ha-ha. Hard to think that donating blood really might save someone`s life. But it actually does.

"Fortune favors the brave"- I saw this quote yesterday at the gym after a TV-program. A guy from Norway was interviewed about going to Guinea as the member of a medical team to help there. I do not remember it word by word now, but the journalist asked him about the risks, and he answered that by seeing how the epidemic is spreading, the decision to go there feels extremely right.

I like people who can make decisions fast, and act according their inner voice.

My small story for today was that I got a flyer in front of the railway station about blood donation, and I remembered that some years ago I already wanted to donate blood, but I could not since I was not a Finnish citizen yet. Usually I make quite quick decisions, and I decided that this week I will go there to donate blood, and this week became suddenly today through a spontaneous idea.

I also felt so that this is the right thing to do, so I did it. Of course it is nothing compared to the heroic acts of people who risk their own lives saving others, But at least it involves some real action, and this can also save a life actually in  a critical situation, used while someone is giving birth, or in a cancer treatment.

I consider myself as an idealist, and thanks god lately I could turn it into active-idealism. I do not want to save the world any more, and I do not get frustrated that small things can not do huge changes, since bad things keep on happening all the time.

---- an other story:

It was funny this week, that I was selling some of my old stuff what I do not need any more, because I moved to a smaller flat and decided to sell the stuff which was untouched in moving boxes since January at my friends place. I put some ads on fb, and sold the things at 50% of the original price.  Which I considered as a form of charity, since these were nice looking design things, and almost unused since I bought them only 1-1,5y ago. And then one woman was trolling me at one of the groups about the price of a bread box. I got quite shocked how primitive some people can be.

I made a fast intuitive decision, and decided to rather donate the things to a place where they collect and sell all sort of stuff at a very low price for people who do not have so much money. I went there and gave the bags to the lady at the reception. And guess what was the first thing she took out at the bags: the bread box. She looked at me and said the following "Oh, this breadbox looks so pretty. Thank you very much for all these things. You know, it might be small things for you, but they are big things for the people here."

Then I realized that it is all the same what other people say. You should simply act according to what feels right. Because might be that what you have to offer is not appreciated at one place, but will be very welcome at an other.

if you are also thinking about donating blood in Finland you find info @ Veripalvelu
in other countries I recommend you to check some International Red Cross info point

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