Sunday, October 19, 2014

Slow autumn days

The slow autumn days with rain and fog, hot chocolate, cinnamon latte and candles are here again..

If you feel like going to the cinema, I recommend you to watch Tracks . I watched it yesterday, and I liked it quite much. Insane to imagine that that woman really crossed Australia from the desert to the ocean alone with four camels and a dog..I really liked the character of the photographer guy (Rick Smolan) in the movie, so it was interesting for me to watch him talk now, 30 years after the real happenings. You find the video on the Robyn Davidson "Tracks" fb-page .

The character of Rick Smolan in Tracks

Now that I rescued 5 of my previously lost e-books and logged in to my e-book store account again, I put Tracks (adventure mémoire) by Robyn Davidson on the top of my "books i want to read" short list. I have never been to Australia yet, but I would like to visit once in the near future. This story, the movie and the interview with the Nat Geo-photographer from the movie made me just even more curious about this continent/country.

And now let`s get back to reality, to a more slowed-down, mystical version of beauty: a foggy October Sunday afternoon in Helsinki, Finland.

P.S.: Has anyone of you watched Tracks? Did you like it?


  1. I love these amazing photos...fall is the most photogenic time of year, isn't it?

  2. Wow, Moni, really nice photos! They almost make me miss Helsinki ;)
    Tracks sounds quite interesting. I haven't heard of it before. It's probably time to go to the movies again then ;)

  3. Thank you Hanna:)! Fog gives always such a mystical, timeless feel to the landscape.
    I recommend you to check their fb-page after their movie. There is a lot of real background info including the original photos, and a video of Rick Smolan talking.