Friday, August 15, 2014

You fight, you win.

In a world where everyone can have an iPhone 5 or an iWatch, it is hard to differentiate between social classes. Although there are still big differences behind the cover. Some people buy these items like others going to the shop to buy grocery, others pay it in detail or even take the loan to buy them (which i consider personally as a very stupid choice).

Travelling became a trend too, but it is a slightly different feeling if you pay your flight tickets and the accomodation  from your own salary, or someone else is paying for it and you travel only to kill the boring days somehow.

In the world of online reflections we live in this net of fake holograms. Photoshopped smiling selfies, happy faces everywhere, everyone travelling, eating good food and having FUN.

Thanks god there is something what money can not buy, and what can not be faked, and can only be earned through real work. It is the process of trying to achieve something, to really become someone, having a personality, and trying to be loyal to the people who are loyal to us.


  1. Hello, blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

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    1. Hi Rajiv, thank you for the feedback. I checked your blogs, I liked the post about the water falls on the second one.

    2. Thank you Monika :)
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