Thursday, September 18, 2014

The adventure continues

This evening i opened the tap and the tap water was conducting electricity. The rest of the day was nicer though.

I went to Fotocafe with my friend, it is a cafe in Helsinki next to a shop selling photo equipment (yes!!) They renovated it this summer, and now they sell also some Nordic design products and have a bar.

Last year every time I went there the place was first empty, but then people started to come and it got half-full at the end. So we had this joke that it is because of personal attraction for sure. Surprisingly also now the same scenario repeated.
This time a group of elder people came and the sun was shining exactly on them through the glass ceiling, what looked really nice. It would have been a great photo material if I would have had my camera with me.

I remembered The Great Gatsby while I was looking at them. The quote about grasping after the past made me think. Though I never wanted to live the past again. May be only to make certain moments last longer when i knew they will be over soon. But since certain memories stay so alive for ever, I was never sad about time passing.

Now it is autumn again. In Finland September means a lot of sunny days, and colourful trees. I have many good memories from Kuopio when I was biking in the autumn forest, or walked by the lakes with my friends.

I think when my left eye gets ok again I will grab the camera and go and explore the Finnish countryside during the weekends.

Happy autumn to you!


  1. I bet autumn in Finland is amazingly beautiful!! I would love to experience it someday.

    1. Yes,it is! I will take more photos in the coming weeks and document it on the blog :).
      I hope, once you will have the chance to come and see the Finnish autumn as well!