Saturday, June 21, 2014

All those trips

I chose this music to this post, because it reminds me of Berlin. One friend of mine sent me the link to this video after his visit in Berlin, where he saw ├éme playing live. Berlin was definately one of the best trips from the last two years. I got in to Berghain (which is considered to be the greatest techno club in the world), had a chance to talk with Sven Marquardt, saw Marcel Dettmann playing and even got to the evenings news in Germany by accident.

Watching the fireworks in Berlin at New Year`s Eve made me realize how unpredictable life is, in both good and bad ways, may be a bit more in the good ways than the bad. I remember myself standing on the balcony counting down, smiling and thinking that I never would have imagined to finish that year in Berlin, but then eventually I did.

I have been quite lucky lately, because I got to all of the places what I really wanted to visit: Berlin, Florence, Oslo. Now for the summer I have only the framework, and I will leave a lot to the random factor. I was thinking for example about a short trip to Slovenia or Croatia, or checking out the deep house/techno scene in Vienna for a weekend.

A short summary about my European trips so far:

In Europe there are officially 49 countries, I have been to 20 of them: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Croatia, Vatican City, Serbia

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