Wednesday, February 12, 2014

About music

I am going to donate my bass guitar next week to an NGO in Espoo where one of my friends is working. He asked me to write couple of lines for this occasion. I started the brainstorming with this post.

When I was thinking about what could I say about music there were two particular things which came to my mind: the first was that music has been important to me all of my life, and the second was that it always helped me to connect with people.

When I travel to work or walk in the center, I have the earphones in my ears all the time. When I am happy, sad, tired or full of energy, I always listen to music. When I want to show to someone how I feel or what I think, the easiest way for me is to show the songs I listen to currently.

Music can play so many roles in our everyday life. It can be something encouraging when we need that little push to start to go to the gym again, or be a bit better at work. It can cheer us up, make us forget about bad things, or help us to feel comfort.

It is so funny that with new people also new music directions entered or re-entered my life from time to time. This is how I started to like metal music, deep house and classical music again. I never listened to some sort of music only because of some particular people liked it, but I restored my attention to certain genres often through the people I got to know.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself and my hard statements. Couple of months ago I told that I could never listen to classical music in the every day while walking on the street. And now couple of months later I am searching on purpose for classical music radio streams on my phone when I am traveling to work. This is how I discovered BBC 3 or P2 Klassikt, and started to listen to such great works of art as Wienawski`s Violin Concerto Nr. 1 what I posted above.

Listening to music is also good for the imagination. Even if I do not have time to take photos, when I want to train my visual/creative side a bit, I switch on some music, close my eyes and let my imagination wander. To have a rich inner world is the pre-requisite for artistic creation. We get often drained by the every day and the negative influence of certain negative people, but having a strong, well-defended inner world can help us to recover quickly.

Nowadays I think about starting to play the flute again. I used to play it for 5 years when I was in the primary school. That time my Mum made me to visit the music school. For many years after the music school I played it only two times a year: for Christmas and my Mum`s birthday just to make her happy.
Now as an adult person it would be a very relaxing hobby to play it every now and then.

Playing an instrument is like speaking a language. Some people like the flute, others the piano or the violin. Just as some like metal music, others house or jazz. But I assume that there is at least one music direction for each person what he likes. This is what is so great about music. It means so many different things to so many different people, but it is 99,999% sure that when you hear the word, it evokes a positive feeling in you.

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