Saturday, December 21, 2013

Florence Day 3

I was getting a bit cold yesterday,but I don`t complain, because I saw many nice things also today. Just to name some: Battistero, The Gate of Paradise, Michalangelo David..I had real Italian lasagna for lunch (nyumm) and latte macchiato and some special Italian pastries which were super-delicious at Snack Bar Cafe Dell`Academia. I went today again to the Florence Cathedral, and will do so in the evening too. I just can not get enough of the beauty of this building!!

Everything is so nice here in Florence. I know, I am repeating it all the time, but I feel totally at home here. There is this natural good feeling in me. Of course everyone sees that I am a tourist, but people are kind and not superficially overpolite. It is easy to learn the basic Italian phrases in couple of days, and I was really daydreaming how it would be to have a small flat in Florence and come here to live every now and then for couple of months a year.

Photo by Monika Csapo

When I was drinking my coffee, I was looking at the people and even the tourist are so cool here. It might be because only those people come here who are interested in Arts and History, and yes, it is my prejudice now, but mostly those people are nice and not that kind of tourists as for example British bachelors are..

I liked it that in the museums and at the art sights I could see the same amazed expression in other people`s eyes what I had, and it happened often that we looked at each other with others with this "wow, this is really cool" look independent of gender or age.

Sacred by Monika Csapo

Photo by Monika Csapo

P.S.: Today it was spring in Florence.

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