Friday, December 20, 2013

Florence Day 2

Florence underground by Monika Csapo

Street view by Monika Csapo

Typisch by Monika Csapo

Arno by Monika Csapo

Ponte Vecchio by Monika Csapo

Photo by Monika Csapo

I became so Italian that I am keeping a siesta now. I still like Florence a lot. The people are so friendly and helpful here! I could find back to my hotel from the Uffizi without a map, and found “my grocery shop” from yesterday for the first try.

Today I was at the Ponte Vecchio, The Museo Galileo and the Uffizi Gallery so far. The real flow-experiences are not the ones when I take pictures of famous sights, or hamster museums and paintings.
I noticed today that traveling teaches me also to focus and slow down. There are so many things to see, and you have to accept somehow that you can not see everything in couple of days, and you also have to skip some things in order to get to the ones which are meant for you to see.

Today the first flow experience was when I got to the Arno river and the sun was shining and I saw only the silhouettes of the buildings on the opposite side of the river, and the water had this beautiful green color. In the Museo Galileo I liked the Armillary sphere by Santucci the most.

The Uffizi was great, but a bit too much of good to me. Right after I entered I escaped to the cafe on the roof first, had a cafe latte, stared at the Duomo for a long time and watched the birds jumping around. It was nice to sit there, because I was a bit panicking when I entered and saw those endless lines of sculptures and paintings, it was a bit overwhelming. In addition to it they run out of maps, so I could not even plan what to skip and what to check, and it all seemed a bit too much.

But afterward when I started to check the rooms one by one I could sort out easily what I am interested in and what I am not. I liked the Boticelli`s, Lippi`s, Rembrandt`s and van Dyck`s the most. And my absolute favorite was La Primavera from Boticelli. After I saw that painting I had the feeling that I have seen what I came for, and I even went back to it for a second time to feel it a bit more.

I noticed today that I changed a lot lately. I do not try to capture each detail any more, I am more trying to feel the atmosphere of the things I see, or the places I visit. These are the memories what I store in myself. Of course I remember the visuals too but when I think of what I saw, I remember the feeling at the same time what I felt when I was there.

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