Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kamppi Chapel of Silence (photo 12.11.2013)

Photo by Monika Csapo

Better than going for frustration-shopping. Kamppi Silence Chappel is not a church or a religious place, it is a relaxation/meditation/praying place in the middle of Helsinki downtown whatever the visitor wants to use it for. From outside it is a modern building, from inside a clean, minimalist and totally sound-isolated place which offers a great opportunity to calm down, clear thoughts or re-charge.

I tried it our recently for the first time, and it really works! No matter what religion, I have been always amazed by the calm atmosphere a church can offer to people. It is a pity that nowadays we do not have this connection to "sacred places" any more.

In the rush and the times of multiple impulses we would need so much a place where we can retreat, be alone and just simply be. Kamppi Chapel of Silence is a place like this. I might be a frequent visitor here, and I recommend it also to others. You might save couple of hundreds of euros spent on frustration shopping and thousands of calories of cakes, smoothies, chocolates and bakery products in a month.

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