Monday, September 16, 2013

If you are interested in CONTEMPORARY FINNISH ART

,here is the chance to make your move to collect some. 
My friend, Mai Ja, got an invitation on very short notice 
as a special guest artist (those who do not
have to send any artwork, but are chosen to exhibit, 
it is 20 artists from 130) 
to an exhibition in the USA. Last year at this exhibition Marilyn Manson 
was a special guest artist for example.

Art work by Mai Ja

To get there she is selling some of her artwork. The campaign 
is in the next 2 weeks.

Details of the campaign:
For 50€ she will do one of her
quick digital portraits of your commission. Or you can see
her other art works for sale at and 

If you have any idea regarding this, you can write straight to
her to

- Sharing this post also helps a lot, since the time frame is
so short until the exhibition, and it would be really cool if she
could get there once she has been chosen already as a special 
guest artist :).

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