Sunday, September 15, 2013

Event photos Helsinki: Brazilian Independence Day party 2013- technical details

I had the honor to be one of the two photographers at the Brazilian Independence Day Party organized at Crown Plaza on September 7th. I was very excited about this event, because this was the first time that I used an external flash. I bought the flash one month before, but then I had to buy chargeable batteries and charger to it, plus a diffuser. So at the end it was not a cheap upgrade at all. But it was worth it.

I realized how much flash is really needed in some situation when there is not enough light and you still want to make sharp pictures. Ok, now this was a big common sense, but anyways..

I watched this tutorial the night before and practiced some shots on my rabbit:

The diffuser I bought looks like this:

In the next post I will show my favorite shots from the party.

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